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Patty Cramer tackles deer problem in Echo

June 29, 2015

The portion of I-84 from Weber Canyon to Echo Junction has documented 609 wildlife hits along the stretch in the past 2 years. USU's Patty Kramer warns Everyone should always be vigilant around dawn and dusk and pay attention to the signs - They're put up for a reason.


Grand Canyon floods are rebuilding sandbars

June 29, 2015

Jack Schmidt's work on rebuilding the sandbars through the Grand Canyon highlighted in local paper.


Researchers study Utah's moose

June 22, 2015

According to Joel Ruprecht, a masters student in ecology at Utah State University, Utah's moose population is fairly steady, though there were more moose at one point than there are now. The leading cause of decline in the population looks to be the amount of habitat and land available.


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